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Consulting Services


   Basic Service:

Disability policy(s) review and summary to help you better understand the coverage you currently own.

   Basic Service Plus:

In addition to the above service, for those who may be applying for disability insurance benefits in the future, this service provides a thorough understanding of the entire disability claim process, including backup material.

   Full Claim Service:

Independent and comprehensive review, analysis and summary of your current Disability insurance coverage.

Consultation on how to complete your initial disability claim form and ongoing progress reports.

Coordinate and help you understand the claim relationship between personal disability benefits and disability benefits payable from an office overhead policy and/or buy-sell disability policy, if applicable.

Helpful hints on what to expect from your insurance carrier during the initial stages of your disability claim.

Effective ways to communicate with your physician(s) and insurance carrier.

Proven methods on how to handle phone calls and personal interviews with insurance company representatives and claim examiners.

Coordination of disability policy information and claim status with your personal attorney, if applicable.

Review and coordination of financial claim information.

What to do if your disability insurance claim is denied.

What to do if your insurance carrier stops paying a total or residual (partial) disability claim.

   Extended Monitoring Service:

A. If you began the claim process with my assistance, this service begins after your initial benefits have been paid and it is designed to monitor your claim from year-to-year. Disability claim payments can be stopped by the insurance carrier, your claim can be "opened" for additional investigation or the nature of your disability may change. This service is designed to help you through and around any continuing land mines!

B. If you did not initiate your claim with my assistance, a more comprehensive monitoring is needed, including a thorough review of your claim from it's initiation through the current period.

   Additional Services:

If you are purchasing disability income insurance and have several different proposals for coverage, this service will provide an independent comparison to help you chose which coverage is best for you.

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